Introducing the Desert Series

Introducing the latest addition to the AQUO collection, the Desert Series. Adorned with arabic numerals on beautiful dials, encased in polished all stainless steel casing, these timepieces truly are unparalleled in their charm, luxe and splendor.

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Introducing the Samaa Series

Simple, elegant, beautiful yet capable of adding an unmatched flare and charm to your look. The Samaa Series is adorned with beautiful dials and sheen mesh belts making these timepieces the perfect addition to your outfit.

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Watch of The Month

From our latest collection, we have nominated Sarab as our watch of the month. The classic design of this timepiece featuring a black dial on a stainless steel metal belt is the perfect watch to suit all your outfits. And of course, the arabic numbers help your style stand out.

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