Hottest Trends For A Minimalist Summer

Hottest Trends For A Minimalist Summer

Minimalist fashion has been trending online for quite a few years now. From the stark white dresses on the famous runways of Paris and Milan to the bare minimum of accessories adorned by millennial women, the trend is running rampant online and in-person too!

The minimalist fashion has a deep-seated simplicity that is a signature style of the digital millennium across the globe.

Since we are discussing the merits of the classic adage of ‘less is more, let’s have a look at its implications for the season!

Why Is Summer 2021 The Best Season For Minimalist Fashion?

Everyone remembers the locked-down summer of 2020. 

There was hardly a day when we would dress up to the nines and have the opportunity to see our friends and family in person. Now that we have vaccines rolling out, it is a lot easier to get up, dress up, and live in the moment!

But with the excitement of cinemas, malls, restaurants and resorts opening up, we also have to beat the record-breaking heat! Thanks to global warming, you can’t really wear a tonne of chunky pieces on your arm and vibe like the early 2000s. 

This is where minimalism and its excellent online presence comes into the picture!

Here are a few ways you can incorporate the ‘less is more strategy into your summer wardrobe!

Choose A Color

The easiest summer fashion hack is sticking to a bold color palette for a monochromatic season. Whether you go all pastel or opt for a neutral spectrum, that remains a personal choice. The goal here is to minimize the visual clutter. 

Clean-cut silhouette and lighter fabrics will give you a breathy fit and help you stay sharp all day!

Keep Yourself Organized

The muggy summer heat can dissuade even the obsessively calm and cool individuals. 

Imagine digging through your purse for a credit card and being unable to find it at the first checkout post-COVID-19!

One way you can keep yourself organized during the summer is through the excellent CFX and ALX wallets by AQUO! They are minimal, spacious, and the perfect match for everyone! This gender-neutral wallet can help you cut down the chaos in your pockets and purses and leave you in a much better mood!

Pick One Accessory

It’s hot, sticky and the season of celebration all wrapped in one! When you need to look your best and require a statement piece to gather the attention you deserve, you need to find the ideal accessory!

Following the one accessory rule will help you look polished and posh! An elegant timepiece from AQUO’s breathtaking collection is more than enough for a fantastic year!

You can even gift a beautifully minimalist watch from our collection to the people you love!

Our collection of awe-inspiring watches and wallets for men and women make an excellent choice for gifts and celebrations.

It makes a statement of commitment and lets the receiver know that you are giving them something more precious than the watch itself; the gift of your time! 

Express yourself with a minimal fashion statement for the summer today!