Money Management 101: RFID Wallet And Other Money Management Tools You Must Use In 2021

Money Management 101: RFID Wallet And Other Money Management Tools You Must Use In 2021

Personal finance is quite a puzzle for countless individuals. From income to saving, expenditure to investment, everything often knots up into a tangle that could be hard to comb through when you are not prepared to handle things. 

Since we are no longer living in the vintage times of piggy banks and money tins, today we have a plethora of financial tools and applications to get things sorted.

The industry of personal finance is blooming in the digital era as it accommodates the needs of various personalities.

There may be a large number of such tools available on the Play Store. Here is a brief overview of the best tools available at your disposal. 


Mint is the easiest-to-use, personal finance management tool. It is free with ads, offers targeted guidance, and it also helps you fix your poor financial habits.

It is a web-based tool that keeps track of your expenditure. It helps you design a flexible budget that enables you to manage debt and accounts from a single platform. 

Mint has a simple motto; when life is already so complicated, why not simplify it with Mint?

Personal Capital

If you are planning to understand how to grow your wealth without worrying about bill pay and budgeting, then Personal Capital is the best choice for you.

It is a robust toolset for retirement and investment management that offers educational insights along the way.

It is a free app that is user-friendly, comprehensive, and highly intelligent about your financial position. 

YNAB- You Need A Budget

Wondering how to escalate your budgeting conversion? Just switch to YNAB and make a significant difference in your life. It works within an ecosystem that is specially designed to help you succeed. 

Supported by Alexa and Apple Watch, this app is the right fit for consumers who are not afraid to invest in their financial growth.

It is a slightly pricey option as opposed to the other tools, but it is definitely worth every penny spent per month on it!

RFID Wallet

RFID Blocking Wallets

Now that we have gone through the digital tools, it is time for us to get to the nitty-gritty of physical money and its handling.

Because we no longer live in a time where you need wads of money for everyday use, now you need a smart wallet that takes care of your digital identity and credit cards.

Yes. Physical money management in 2021 is all about finding the sleek RFID blocking wallets that take care of your privacy needs.

Consumers today carry different types of credit and identification cards. An increasing wave of fear has been noticed amongst the consumers about RFID chips for the last couple of years.

These chips have been in use consistently to track information. RFID-blocking wallets are the best bet!

In that case, we bring to you AQUO’s CFX wallets. The sleek, smart, and durable wallets carry more than 12 cards and have enough space for your money too. Indulge in all that and more with AQUO’s CFX.

We are about to launch the CFX in new colors too! Keep an eye on the AQUO Website for all updates about our smart-and-sleek wallets, watches, and much more!